5 Whatsapp Slangs And Their Meaning

In the course of this article, we will be looking at 5 Whatsapp slang that you need to master. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

Whatsapp slang
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1. Tbh

Tbh is Whatsapp slang means “To be honest”. When trying to reveal a truth bomb in a chat, “Tbh” can be used to economize the typing effort of writing “to be honest”. An example of tbh usage is: “Tbh, Opay is a good finance app in Nigeria, that best part of their fintech service is their Opay loans.”

2. Ikr

The second Whatsapp slang on our listicle is “IKR”. This slang means “I know, right?” It is mostly used when you want to agree with the text your partner on Whatsapp sent to you. Rather than exhausting texts to share an affirmation with the person you are texting, you just use “Ikr”.

3. Idc

“Idc” is a popular Whatsapp slang that means “I don’t care.” It is used by Whatsapp users that want to be straightforward with a person. When you shorten the phrase; “I don’t care” to three letters, it really drives the point home.

4. Tbf

This Whatsapp slang means “to be fair”. It is mostly used in English grammar to bring out a counterargument. it is also used to present an ideological rationale in text-based communication.

5. Atm

This is one of the trivial Whatsapp slangs out there. It means “At the moment.” The letters conventionally mean Automated Teller Machine, but in the Whatsapp platform, it is used to relate a time-based or place-based urgency.

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