Used Alienware Laptop Price In Nigeria

Did you know that Alienware laptops in Nigeria are quite expensive? That is why most Nigerians opt for used Alienware laptops in Nigeria. Used Alienware laptop price in Nigeria are lower than the prices of brand new Alienware laptops. That is why we at Infopawa took the pleasure of covering a complete guide to used Alienware laptop prices in Nigeria. Without further ado, let us delve in.

The Best Places To Buy Used Alienware Laptops In Nigeria 

Used Alienware laptops are hard to get in physical retail shops in Nigeria. This is because these laptops are not popular in Nigeria. The best place to buy used Alienware laptops is from online vendors that have a reputation. In light of this, we have two platforms to recommend to you. 

You can use, or to place an order for a used Alienware laptop in Nigeria. Used Alienware laptop prices in Nigeria, found on and are three times less than the original price on conventional stores such as Jumia and Konga. 

Used Alienware Laptop Price In 

used alienware laptop price in nigeria

If you search the Olist online platform, which is a place where third-party vendors sell used or new products, you will find only one listing for a used Alienware laptop. If this is updated in the future, we will make updates to our blog posts. 

The Alienware laptop that is listed on was slated for NGN 300,000. 

All you need to do is to use the contact details on the Olist platform to place an order for the Alienware laptop. Kindly note that the policy of the Olist platform is to only make payment for a product on delivery. 

The laptop that is available on is an M15 Dell Alienware laptop. Given that an original Dell Alienware M15 laptop costs millions of naira, the deal might be too good to be through. Make your transaction on Olist for this used Alienware laptop at your own discretion. 

Used Alienware Laptop Price In Nigeria On The 

used alienware laptops in Nigeria
Screenshot of Used Alienware laptop found on

Just like the Olist selling platform, there is only one product listing of used Alienware laptops on The price of the used Alienware laptop in Jiji Nigeria is NGN 900,000. 

When you want to buy a used Alienware laptop on, do not pay in advance, including for delivery. After agreeing to buy the used Alienware laptop, only make the purchase in a safe public place. Only make the payment for the used Alienware laptop when you are satisfied. 

Worth noting is that the used Alienware laptop on is an Alienware M15 R3. 


Other places to order UK-used Alienware laptops also known as second-hand Alienware laptops are laptop repair shops in different parts of Nigeria. Although there are other product listing sites in Nigeria that might offer used Alienware laptops, only Jiji, and Olist is the most reputable of all them. 

In the same vein, if you have a used Alienware laptop that you will like to sell, you can sell the product on Olist or Jiji. 

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