Steps to recover a Lost Google/Gmail Account

If you lost your password or username, or you are unable to retrieve your verification code, follow these highlighted steps to recover your Google Account. This will permit you to use other services like Google Play, Photos, and Gmail.

Guideline: Let’s say your Gmail account is used for official responsibility i.e school, organization, and other related groups; you may need to contact your administrator before the account will be recovered.

Lost your password

  1. Please find the steps to follow here; recover your Google Account or Gmail.
    • Some important questions will be asked to confirm the ownership of the account. Respond correctly to the questions.
    • If you face any other challenges, go here; tips to complete account recovery steps.
  2. Therefore, reset a new and strong password that you have not used with this account. Learn how to create a strong password.

Can’t Find the Email Address You Used to Sign in

  1. Can’t find your username, follow these steps. You need to know:
  • Your full name on the account
  • The recovery email you submitted when opening the account and the phone number


  1. Tips to follow to confirm it’s your account.
  2. The list of usernames will come up to search for your account

Your Account has been Hacked

Anytime you observed that your Google account has been hacked or someone has taken over your account without your authorization, these are the steps to follow to recover a hacked or hijacked Google Account or Gmail.

Other Peculiar Reasons Preventing you from Sign In

Find here; get help signing in.

A deleted Google Account Recovery

Steps to recover a recently deleted Google Account; Follow these instructions to recover your account.

Unable to sign in

Open a new account

If you are unable to sign in; follow these tips for account recovery.

If your account recovery failed, we advise you create a new Google Account.

Ignore any Acclaimed Account & Password Recovery Providers

To secure your Google account, avoid any account and password providers that say they render account and password services. Strongly ignore any individual or group requesting your passwords and verification codes.

You may want to delete your Google Account

Please follow the illustrated steps to enable you delete your Google account without stress

Step 1: Sign In

Step 2: locate and click on SETTING icon

Step 3: Locate Accounts and Import

Step 4: Look for Change an account settings. Underneath it, look for Other Google Account Settings and click on it

Step 5: Locate Data Tools

Step 6: Under Account Management, click on Delete Account and Data

Step 7: Google will send an email, notifying of the implications and a few checklists to confirm you truly understand that your account will no longer be accessible.

Step 8: You will be asked to provide your current Password for confirmation.

Step 9: Click on Yes, I want to delete my account

Step 10: Click on Yes, for acknowledging that you are responsible for any change







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