Skineal 2022 User Guide: Can This Cream Be Used For The Private Part?

Can I Use Skineal For My Private Part

One of the best skincare products in Nigeria is skineal. This product is multipurpose and can be used to solve typical skin conditions. A lot of Nigerian women who are struggling with a yeast infection might be wondering, can I use skineal for my private part? If that is why you are here, we’ve got you covered. In the course of this article, we will take you through a practical Skineal 2022 user guide. 

Can I Use Skineal For My Private Part | Short Answer 

The short answer is that yes you can use Skineal on the outer part of your privates, but not inside the vagina. For male privates, it can be used anywhere.

The outer skin of your privates when riddled with fungal infections, warts and other skin infections will need Skineal cream application. However, the inside of the vagina is very delicate and a harsh cream like Skineal should not be applied inside it. 

For the male private part, it can be used anywhere to deal with skin rashes and other dermal infections. 

Why The Skineal Cream Is Recommended For Treating Skin Infections On The Private Part 

First off, the Skineal cream has its major drug component Ketoconazole. This chemical has the capacity to deal with different types of skin infections with ease, as cited by Healthline. This skincare cream is best suited for individuals that have yeast infections on their skin. 

Also worth noting is that the Skineal cream has few side effects. However, if you take the active ingredient independently, you will wind up with some mild side effects according to “MayoClinic”.

How To Apply Skineal Cream To Your Private Parts

As stated earlier, it is safer to apply your skineal cream on the outside of the vagina than on the inside. 

In order to apply the Skineal cream on the outside of the vagina, rub it thinly and evenly around the entrance of the vagina, and outside in the affected areas gently. These applications should be made until the symptoms of yeast infection, rashes, or warts disappear. 

Also worth noting is that the Skineal cream can be used on the private parts if there is an inflammatory reaction down there. 

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