2 Rumors Challenging Competence Of Tinubu’s Candidacy That APC Should Dissolve

Rumours, allegations, and exaggerated truths are cards opposing political camps are willing to use in order to win an election. Most Nigerian media outlets have curated many rumours that can possibly reduce the competency of Tinubu’s presidential candidacy. This is something that the APC should resolve so that their candidate can have high winning chances in the coming 2023 elections. In the course of this article, we will be looking at 2 rumours the APC should dissolve ahead of the 2023 elections. 

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1. Tinubu Is A Drug Lord 

Most media outlets in Nigeria that don’t support the APC candidacy of Tinubu have been singing the drug trafficking mantra. 

For instance, Daniel Bwala in an interview with Channels Television continued to iterate that Tinubu was a narcotic dealer, citing his references from a court document that linked Tinubu to a drug deal. Bwala is a member of Atiku’s cabinet and is a lawyer by profession.

The APC on their own end should release an official disclaimer that dissociates Tinubu from the allegations of being a drug lord. They should also do well to dismiss the rumours as a card other parties and media outlets are using as a desperate attempt to discredit Tinubu. It will be sour for a nation to have a president linked with narcotics. It will embolden drug dealers, and reduce national credibility on the international diplomatic front. 

APC should take these rumours seriously, and even get their candidate to make comments on the allegations in flesh. 

2. Tinubu Has Dementia

Most media outlets are asserting that Tinubu has dementia. There are social media trolls and comic content that prove that this rumour is taken seriously by most Nigerians. 

A candidate who is rumoured to forget his scripted speeches might not get the much-needed validation from Nigerian voters. In light of the dementia rumour, APC can play hardball, by getting Tinubu to run medical tests to prove that their candidate has no form of dementia. Then follow it up with an official disclaimer. 


This article was not written for or against Tinubu’s camp. But is a practical analysis of best practices APC can follow to deal with rumours that can affect their winning chances come 2023. 

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