Real iPhone Vs Fake iPhone: How To Spot The Difference In 2022

In the Nigerian smartphone market, there are real iPhones and fake iPhones. How to know a real iPhone and how to know a fake iPhone might be an excruciating task. However, in the course of this article, we have taken the pleasure of might this daunting task of a real iPhone vs fake iPhone check easier. Without any further ado, let us delve into our fake and real iphone review.

Guide On How To Know A Real iPhone 

If you decide to buy an iPhone in Nigeria from third parties, such as, Olist, or Jumia, you should understand the best way to know a real iPhone. 

Knowing a real iPhone is darn easy. Every iPhone has an identifier in the form of a serial number. You can use Apple’s website to input the serial number of the iPhone you own, and check for the validity of the iPhone.

The practical way to go about knowing a real iPhone is by looking for the serial number of the device. This can be done by tapping on “Settings” > “General” > “About” > “Serial Number”. Keep the interface open, or simply write down the serial number of the iPhone you want to check if it’s fake. 

The next interesting step is to head to ““, and key in the serial number. If the iPhone is real, the website will show you a prompt stating whether the iPhone is within the warranty period or not. On the flip side, if it is fake, the message you will get is this: “we’re sorry, but this serial number is not valid. Please check your information and try again”. 

Another interesting way to check the validity of your Serial Number on your iPhone is by dialling the code “*#06#” on your keypad to show you your iPhone’s serial number.

How To Know Fake iPhone In 2022

There are many unauthorized dealers of iPhones in Nigeria. In the course of subsequent articles, we will be looking at practical guides on how to spot fake iPhones. Other than the use of serial number checks to spot a fake iPhone, there are hardware and software specifications that can be used to know a fake iPhone.

1. Using Button Placement To Know Fake iPhone

how to know fake iPhone
Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash How to know fake iPhone with button placement

If you want to perform a real iPhone vs fake iPhone check, one physical feature to investigate is its button placement. On a real iPhone, the sleep/wake button is located in the top right corner. Anything other than this placement gives you a clue that you are holding a fake iPhone. The volume buttons are also located on the upper left side of the device. Also worth noting is that some fake iPhones can have real button placements in order to deceive prospective buyers. All the same, press the buttons regularly to see whether they are properly fitted.

2. Using The Logo To Spot Fake iPhones 

how to spot fake iPhone with Apple Logo placement
Photo by Dennis Brendel on Unsplash

Another interesting way of performing a real iPhone vs fake iPhone check is with the Apple Logo. First off, a fake iPhone will have its logos, in a too high or lower-than-normal position. The only place you should be able to see the Apple logo should be on the rear of the device. If it is not there, then you are in possession of a fake iPhone.

3. Check For Siri

It is practically impossible for Siri to work on a fake iPhone. Trying to test run the Siri functionality is a surefire way of checking the validity of your iPhone. Those in the production of fake iPhones cannot find their way around programming the inbuilt Siri functionality. 

4. Checking A Fake iPhone By Trying To Connect It To iTunes

Another interesting way of checking the validity of your iPhone is by checking its iTunes connectivity. In light of this, try connecting the iPhone to your Mac or Windows PC using a lightning to USB cable, then try to run it with iTunes. Getting an error implies that iTunes does not recognize the fake iPhone. This is one of the best ways of performing a real iPhone vs fake iPhone investigation.

5. Looking For In-Built Applications 

how to know fake iPhones
Photo by Thom Bradley on Unsplash

An interesting real iphone vs fake iPhone check is to search for in-built applications. Some of the native iPhone applications include; Podcast, Calender, Calculator Mail and Photos. Your iPhone is fake if it misses all these applications. When you purchase let’s say an iPhone 12 Pro Max from a third-party vendor, restore the original firmware, and look for the native applications. If the native applications are not there, you are handling a fake iPhone. 

6. Missing Gesture Controls As A Way Of Performing A Real iPhone Vs Fake iPhone Check

One surefire way of performing a real iPhone vs fake iPhone check is by looking for gesture controls. Gesture controls cannot function on a fake iPhone. If you try to use the feature, and you don’t see it, you are handling a fake iPhone. 


The common fake versions of iPhones in the Nigerian smartphone market, include fake iPhone 11 pro max, fake iPhone 12 pro max, fake iPhone 13, and fake iPhone X. With the above-elucidated guide we strongly believe that you can now perform a real iPhone vs fake iPhone validity check without any fuss.

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