Puddiing.Com 2022 Guide: Is It Scam Or Legit?

There are lots of money-making sites out there. Puddiing.com is one of the platforms in Nigeria that promises quick money after a short period. This leaves people with a question such as “Is pudding.com a scam or legit?” In the course of this article, we will be looking at a complete review of the Puddiing.com website, and whether or not Nigerians should trust the platform. 

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Is Puddiing.com Scam Or Legit?

puddiing.com scam platform

The capital truth is that Puddiing.com is a scam website. The reason for this claim is that everything on the site is based on falsehood.

You cannot tell lies to Nigerian potential users, and still expect them to work with you. The site claims to be in affiliation with Amazon, and that they indulge in demo trading. 

Everything on the site is a mock-up of transactional vocabulary that only gullible Nigerians will fall for. 

Why Is Puddiing A Scam Online Money-Making Platform?

I did a similar review of Hugevers and Firevip and turns out all platforms were crafted by similar scammers. The Nigerian legal system has loopholes in it, this is why it is easy for scammers abroad and at home to create deceitful websites to steal people’s hard-earned money. 

Puddiing.com shares similar website designs with Hugevers and Firevip. Firevip was a failed Ponzi scheme that caused a lot of Nigerians to lose their funds of late. 

From our research, the administrators of Puddiing.com, are also the ones running Hugevers and Firevip. 


Stay away from the Puddiing.com platform, Amazon has zero affiliation with this site, plus demo trading is not a money-making strategy. Cheers. 

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