How To Print Npower PPA Letter In 2022

npower ppa letter

If you are in this blog post because you wish to learn how to print your Npower PPA letter, we’ve got you covered. After your Npower physical verification, the next actionable step is to know your PPA, also known as the primary place of assignment. You will be informed of your PPA on your physical … Read more

Practical Guide To Npower Physical Verification For Batch C 2022

Npower is an empowerment program that was set out by the Nigerian government to help curb unemployment. This programme trains Nigerian youths with skills in different niches and then pays them on a monthly basis. After applying for the Npower programme, you will be required to take a test. When you are done with the … Read more

Samsung A12 Price In Nigeria And Buyer’s Guide

One of the best phones in the Samsung product line that is worth buying is the Samsung A12. This smartphone has interesting specifications, and features and can serve as a cool phone for your gaming indulgence, streaming and content creation. It features good cameras, and good software and hardware design. During this buyer’s guide, we … Read more

What Is Responsible For The Increased Activities Of Bandits? How The Government Can Solve Insecurity

The activities of bandits in has caused Nigeria to be riddled with insecurity. In the course of this opinion piece, we will be looking at how the Nigerian government can solve the issue of banditry in Nigeria, and also what is responsible for the increased activities of bandits.  In my own opinion what is responsible … Read more