2 Rumors Challenging Competence Of Tinubu’s Candidacy That APC Should Dissolve

Rumours, allegations, and exaggerated truths are cards opposing political camps are willing to use in order to win an election. Most Nigerian media outlets have curated many rumours that can possibly reduce the competency of Tinubu’s presidential candidacy. This is something that the APC should resolve so that their candidate can have high winning chances … Read more

Who Is The Princess Of Africow?- Everything You Need To Know About Nigeria’s Clout Chasing Gay Celebrity

Princess of Africow

Nigerian online communities are known for using homophobic slurs on celebrities that identify with the LGBTQ movement. One popular name amongst the LGBTQ ranks in Nigeria is James Brown. In the course of this article, we will be throwing some light on who the Princess of Africow is, and other interesting information.  Who Is The … Read more

Practical Guide To Npower Physical Verification For Batch C 2022

Npower is an empowerment program that was set out by the Nigerian government to help curb unemployment. This programme trains Nigerian youths with skills in different niches and then pays them on a monthly basis. After applying for the Npower programme, you will be required to take a test. When you are done with the … Read more