Metalauncher airdrop | Earn $200

Welcome to Metalauncher airdrop with an opportunity to earn 3000 MTLA coins worth $200 by just performing simple tasks and inviting your friends to join the program.

Metalauncher airdrop

How to Earn $200 MetaLauncher Airdrop

Please remember to do the required tasks to be eligible to get airdrop tokens.

– For joining get – 3000 MTLA ($20) tokens.

– For each referral get – 300 MTLA ($2) tokens

– By Participating you are agreeing to the MetaLauncher (Airdrop) Program Terms and Conditions. Click “Join Airdrop” to proceed”

  • Earn 3000 MTLA ($20) tokens by completing all tasks. Tokens are vested for 10 months.
  • Per referral = Get 300 MTLA ($2) tokens. Tokens are vested for 10 months.
  • Winners: 2000 Random participants

Note: the Airdrop start date: 1.3.2023 13:00 UTC with the end date: 1.4.2023 13:00 UTC with a distribution date of 15.5.2023

MetaLauncher Airdrop Rules

✏️ Mandatory Tasks:
🔹 Enter your email address
🔹 Join our Telegram Group
🔹 Follow our Twitter Page & Retweet the Pinned post + tag 3 friends
🔹 Use the hashtags

Click “Submit Details” to submit your details to verify whether you completed all the tasks or not.

Checkout the video guide on “How to join the $MTLA airdrop below:

Please watch the video and complete all steps with your original details. Still have questions feel free to ask.

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