AfriGold Is A Scam Platform | Here Is Why

AfriGold Is A Scam Platform | Here Is Why 

If you do not read this blog post, you will not learn the answer to a burning question that most Nigerian online investors ask: “is Afrigold legit or scam”. Read on as we cover the basics of the Afrigold investment platform, and why you should stay away from them. 

Short Answer

The short answer is that Afrigold is a scam platform that is bent on taking advantage of Nigerians that are not tech-savvy. The onsite data shown on the site is fake. The only way the Afrigold site admins make money is from the pyramid scheme. You have to pay a certain fee in order to register for any of their three mining packages. 

Practical Proof That Afrigold Is A Scam Investment Platform And Not A Legit One

The platform promises its gullible users that they can mine cryptocurrency units, which will later be converted to cash. Truth is, their cryptocurrency is not registered anywhere, or even in a blockchain crypto network. 

As stated earlier, they are simply playing with the intelligence of Nigerians that are not tech-savvy.

Here is a simple clue the site has fake onsite data. By pulling a little thread, all the fakeness of the platform, and all other associated bullocks will come crashing. 

Is Afrigold Mining Legit?

If you study the source code on the Afrigold site, you will come to terms with the fact that the site is a fake one. The onsite notifications are not from a server, but from javascript code that was written to preload random names. Here is a snippet of the javascript source code of the Afrigold mining platform that suggests that they are fake:

<script type=”db3bf75b8afc87d0e363df04-text/javascript”>

$(document).ready(function() {


// Notification varibles

Varible1: [“David”,”Jack”,”Olivia”,”Samuel”,”Thomas”,”William”,”Adam”,”Dylan”,”Luke”,”Matthew”,”Ethan”,”Nathan”,”Archie”,”Oscar”,”Lucas”,”Isaac”,”Tom”,”Gabriel”,”Reuben”,”Sean”,”Jude”,”Leon”,”Tanaka”,”Sasaki”,”Kimura”,”Yamada”,”Hayashi”,”Ogawa”,”Lisa”,”Grete”,”Sandra”,”Anna”,”Kati”,”Stacy”,”Jane”],

Varible2: [“Ikeja”,”Lagos”,”Kaduna”,”Kwara”,”Delta”,”Ghana”,”Cameroon”,”Makurdi”,”Uyo”,”Eket”,”Awka”,”Enugu”,”Kebbi”,”Jos”,”Kogi”,”Nasarrawa”,”Kebbi”,”Lokoja”,”Abia”],

Varible3: [“registerd”, “started mining”, “referred”],

Amount: [100, 50000],

Content: ‘[Varible1] from [Varible2] has just [Varible3].’,

// Timer

Show: [‘random’, 5, 10],

Close: 5,

Time: [0, 23],

// Notification style

LocationTop: [false, ‘5%’],

LocationBottom:[true, ‘5%’],

LocationRight: [false, ‘5px’],

LocationLeft:[true, ’10px’],

Background: ‘#252c40’,

BorderRadius: 5,

BorderWidth: 3,

BorderColor: ‘gold’,

TextColor: ‘white’,

IconColor: ‘orange’,

// Notification Animated

AnimationEffectOpen: ‘fadeInUp’,

AnimationEffectClose: ‘fadeOutDown’,

// Number of notifications

Number: 100,

// Notification link

Link: [false, ‘#’]




To increase the gullibility of the potential users on the platform, they simply need to pay a few people so that the rest of the sheep will be convinced to join the pyramid scheme. 

This image is one of the images circulating on the internet to indicate that Afrigold is legit. Truth is, under the fake mining operations, what is really going on is that “Peter is being rubbed to pay Paul”.

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