Infinix Note 8i Price In Nigeria: Buyers Guide, And Best Deals 2022

One of the best smartphones in the Infinix product line is the Infinix Note 8i. This interesting smartphone is very much similar to Infinix Note 10 and is a budget-friendly option for a Nigerian looking for a multipurpose smartphone. One thing that prospective Nigerian Infinix users search for is the Infinix Note 8i price in Nigeria. And this is what this blog post is dedicated to covering. Sit tight as we unravel the hidden intricacies and aesthetics of the Infinix Note 8i that make it buyer worthy. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

Infinix Note 8i Price In Nigeria 2022

The Infinix Note 8i Price In Nigeria is ₦74,000. This Infinix Smartphone is available on Jumia, Konga and Slot stores across Nigeria.

It is one of the cheapest smartphones in Nigeria that packs in quality, durability and class in one piece. The best place a Nigerian can order the Infinix Note 8i smartphone is on SLOT. SLOT is a physical retail company that sells smartphones and other gadgets across its many locations in Nigeria.

What Features Make The Infinix Note 8i Buyer Worthy In Nigeria?

The Infinix Note 8i phone packs in outstanding specifications that will make you want to purchase the smartphone. Starting with the sleek design, to the camera specs and even the processor capacity, the Infinix Note 8i is a smartphone that begs for attention with its build. Here are some of the specifications of Infinix Note 8i that leave the phone buyer-worthy:

Infinix Note 8i Processor Capacity

One feature of smartphones that Nigerian users always research before making a purchase is speed. It is important to note that the speed of a smartphone is controlled by its processor capacity. It is important to note that the processor capacity justifies the Infinix Note 8i Price In Nigeria.

The Infinix Note 8i is a smartphone that is endowed with a HelioG80 Processor. This makes it a phone in the Infinix product line with high performance. This chipset allows you to stream live videos without any experience of phone lagging. If gaming is your thing, the HelioG80 processor of the Infinix Note 8i is built to prevent hanging. In comparison to the Helio G70 of Note 7, Infinix Note 8i enjoys a 14% GPU image rendering frequency upgrade.

Infinix Note 8i Display Specs

How the Infinix Note 8i interacts with the palm of your hands is what puts the phone on another level. The display of the Infinix Note 8i is riddled with a tiny camera punch hole and a 6.78” display. The contrast ratio is interestingly aesthetic, alongside its peak brightness. It is important to note that the display specs justify the Infinix Note 8i Price In Nigeria.

Infinix Note 8i Camera Specifications

Infinix Camera specs

This smartphone features a 48 Mega Pixel ultra night quad camera. During the nighttime, you can use Infinix Note 8i to capture mind-blowing night scenes, and your pictures will still be clear. The primary camera of this phone is 48M and is packed with Eye-Tracking Auto Focus functionality. This in-built camera tech can allow Nigerian prospective users to enjoy natural and studio-style pictures.

The ability to use Slow Motion Capture with the Infinix Note 8i is also not left out. With the “Slow Motion Capture” functionality, you can opt to be as fast as you want, and still not miss any detail.

Infinix Note 8i Battery Specs

Infinix note 8i battery specifications
Infinix Note 8i specifications

The battery specification of the Infinix Note 8i smartphone is 5200mAh. This phone is programmed to give prospective Nigerian users long endurance no matter what phone activity they choose to indulge in.

Another interesting perk of the Infinix Note 8i battery is its fast charging. This smartphone is powered by 18W Super Charge + Type C. It is important to note that the battery capacity justifies the Infinix Note 8i Price In Nigeria.

Infinix Note 8i fast charging feature

Other Interesting Specs Of Infinix Note 8i

  • Side Mounted Fingerprint and unlock
  • Image compressor for saving internal storage
  • Voice-to-text conversion in multiple languages
  • Video Ringtone
  • Social Turbo for Whatsapp. 

Is Infinix Note 8i Water Resistant?

Short answer No! This phone has no functionality which makes it water resistant. Because of the tight competition in the mobile market, most brands equip their phones to be water resistant, but that is not one of the perks of the Infinix Note 8i. If you experimentally, or deliberately allow your phone to make contact with water, you are on your own.

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