Infinix Note 10 Price In Nigeria: 2022 Buyer’s Guide

Infinix Note 10 is one of the best smartphones that are in the Infinix product line. The Infinix Note 10 price in Nigeria is budget-friendly and affordable for any middle-class Nigerian. In the course of this article, we will be looking at a practical buyer’s guide to your Infinix Note 10 smartphone. Without further ado, let us delve in.

Infinix note 10 price in Nigeria

Infinix Note 10 Price In Nigeria

The price of Infinix Note 10 in Nigeria is ₦ 144,000. This Infinix smartphone is available on Jumia, Konga and SLOT. 

It is a smartphone that packs in a combo of style and function in one piece. It is important to note that it outperforms most smartphones that are in the same price range. 

Infinix Note 10 Specs: What Are The Features That Makes The Phone Buyer-Worthy?

If you knew what bodily features packed in themselves, you would want to buy it! In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we will be looking at the specs of the Infinix Note 10 smartphone. 

Infinix Note 10 Battery 

The battery of the Infinix Note 10 smartphone is 5000mAh. In addition to having a lot of power that can carry a Nigerian user throughout the day, it supports safe fast charging. Imagine enjoying the 18WX charge? 

Infinix note 10 battery

 It is important to note that if you leave for Infinix Note 10 without any activity, the battery will last for 53 days. If you put a song on repeat, your Infinix Note 10 will last for 160 Hrs. If you are playing a RAM-demanding game, it will last for 12 Hrs. While the last instance is impractical, if you are calling, your phone can last for 38 Hrs. All this information can be verified on Infinix’s official website

Infinix Note 10 Camera Quality 

infinix note 10 camera

The camera quality of the Infinix Note 10 makes the phone stand out from the competition in the Nigerian smartphone market. This smartphone can its main camera to be 48MP, with an F1.79 aperture riddled with a 6P lens. It features a portrait lens and a 4cm Marco lens. 

Also worth noting is that the quality of the camera gifts the Nigerian user the ability to use the camera at night. The camera has in-built algorithms that allow for automatic adjustment of brightness and clarity. This implies that you can take a 4K video with your Infinix Note 10 at night.

The next camera quality of the Infinix Note 10 is best suited for content creators. This smartphone comes with a Professional Portrait Mode. Have you heard of a 16MP AI Beautify Selfie Camera before? 

This is another technological advancement that the manufacturers of this smartphone made available for you. In the midst of poor lightning, you can take very clear pictures and selfies.

Infinix Note 10 Hardware Features

Another feature that you can bag for buying an Infinix Note 10 is the sound quality. Did you know that you could use your Infinix Note 10 as a speaker? 

This smartphone has Dual Speakers that are equipped with DTS Audio processing. You can use your Infinix Note 10 as a speaker for your best music, movie or mobile game. 

Summary Of The Specifications Of The Infinix Note 10 

At one glance, here are the features of Infinix Note 10:

  • Selfie Camera- 16MP AI Advanced Selfie Camera
  • Main Camera- 48MP Ultra Night Camera
  • Display Specs- 6.95” FHD+ Super Fluid Display
  • Processor- MediaTek Helio G85 Excellent Game Processor
  • Battery- Full-day Standby 5000mAh Battery with 18W X-Charge
  • Speakers- Cinematic Dual Speakers with DTS
  • ROM- 128GB | 64GB
  • RAM- 6GB│4GB
  • External Memory- Up To 256GB
  • CPU Frequency- Octa-core 

Is Infinix Note 10 Water Resistant?

is infinix note 10 water resistant

The short answer is yes! It is resistant to dust and water but will damage if submerged in water. The water resistance of the Infinix Note 10 is limited to a splash of water. This is due to the weather-resistance feature of the phone. 

Jumia Infinix Note 10 Buyer’s Guide 

Jumia is one of the online stores that Nigerians visit to buy electronic gadgets. It is a trustworthy eCommerce store for you if you opt for the Infinix Note 10 after going through this buyer’s guide. 

How To Order Infinix Note 10 From Jumia

Before you order your Infinix Note 10 smartphone from Jumia, you need to have an account with them. If you don’t download the app from Google Play Store, sign up with their official website. 

Next, you fund your Jumia account with the price of the product you wish to buy and follow the link to the Infinix Note 10 product.

There is a small fee that will be charged for delivering your Infinix Note 10 to your location. 

Why You Should Trust Jumia As The Best Place To Buy Your Infinix Note 10?

Jumia has pickup locations scattered all over the 36 states of Nigeria. If you order an Infinix Note 10, it will take a max of 7 to 28 days for your phone to arrive at your nearest pickup location. 

You should always opt for Jumia to buy your smartphones because they do not offer inflated prices of gadgets unlike physical shops in Nigeria. 

If you are convinced, that Infinix Note 10 is what suits your smartphone needs, then follow this link and order yours from Jumia Nigeria today. 

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