How To Use ₦790,000 To Plan An Igbo Traditional Wedding In Nigeria

Before embarking on a Traditional wedding ceremony, it is important to have your finances sorted out. You can choose to have a lavish traditional wedding, or you can opt for a wedding with minimal expenses. This article focuses on how you can plan an Igbo traditional wedding in Nigeria with ₦790,00. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

Traditional Wedding In Nigeria Cost Breakdown

In the cost of subsequent paragraphs, we will be looking at a breakdown of catering costs, venue costs, and a whole lot more.

Cost of Traditional Attire For The Bride And Groom

Depending on the setting of the wedding the traditional attire can be a surefire way to cut down the cost of the traditional wedding. As it is an Igbo traditional wedding,  traditional attires worn by the groom and the bride can cost a total of ₦90,000.

Cost Of Venue And Decoration For Traditional Wedding

Another area of an Igbo traditional wedding where the budget can be slashed is the venue and its decoration. Designed a remote field or town square for a traditional wedding can cost an average of ₦60,000. Booking a venue for a traditional wedding costs an average of ₦40,000. It is important to note that the cost of decorating an Igbo traditional wedding venue depends on the group contracted to decorate the place. In total, the cost of the venue alongside its decoration will amount to ₦100,000. Also included in this cost category is the rental of canopy tents, and chair and table rentals.

Cost Of Hiring A Band, MC, And Visuals

Nothing characterizes a boring Igbo traditional wedding like one without a band, visuals, and a scintillating MC. An MC who is a gifted orator can set the right tone for an Igbo traditional wedding. Getting the best MC and band for your traditional wedding can incur a lot of money.

However, since we are trying to run a low-budget Igbo traditional wedding, there are still MCs that can take ₦100,000 to handle your soul-bonding event. As for a live band, alongside visuals, that can come at an average cost of ₦100,000. In total, you should be anticipating ₦200,000.

Cost of Food And Drinks

A good percentage of people that come to a traditional wedding see food and drinks as the highlight of the event. That is why a tangible budget should be allocated to the Food and drinks department. The best budget for food and drinks for a traditional wedding is ₦250,000. This cost will cover the drinks, small chops, finger foods, traditional Igbo foods, etc.

Cost Of Photography And Video Coverage

Another interesting cost that should be budgeted in a traditional wedding is photography and video coverage. It is unheard of to host a traditional wedding, and not keep digital records. Getting a team of Photographers who will cover your traditional Igbo wedding can cost you an average of ₦150,000.


With the above-elucidated costs, the total average cost for hosting a low-budget Igbo traditional wedding is ₦790,000.

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