Hugevers Review: Legit Or Scam, Everything You Need To Know

Hugevers is a recent online business that allows Nigerians to make money with the aid of online tasks. In the course of this Hugevers review, we will be elucidating whether the platform is legit or a scam.  This online platform is very much similar to the Firevip money-making platform in both app design and scheme. Without further ado, let us delve into our Hugevers review. 

What Is The Hugevers Platform All About?

Hugevers is an online platform that allows Nigerian users to earn free money while performing daily online tasks. At this point in time, the Hugevers app is not on the Google play store. However, after registering on the Hugevers website, you will get 18 daily orders that you can take daily for the free package. Then wind up with 140 nairas daily. This will approximate earnings in the tone of 4k monthly. You can make up to 4k naira on a monthly basis without any form of investment with Hugevers. 

Paid Investment Options On 

As stated earlier, the first level on the Hugevers money-making platform is free. It does not involve any form of investment. On level one of Hugevers, the user will get 900 nairas in their balance. Then they will be making 149 nairas daily for taking 18 orders. Each order gives them 8.3 nairas for completing it-that is how to level one works. So login daily, take 18 orders, wait for them to load, and then get 149 nairas. 

Hugevers Level 2

To register for the next level of Hugevers, you will get 972 nairas per day for the orders that you take. The investment product on this level is Candle. The cost of registering for level two of Hugevers is 4000 naira. 

Hugevers Level 3

The third level in the Hugevers money-making platform requires Nigerian users to register with 12,000 nairas. The daily earnings that you will wind up with after taking all your daily orders will be 3110 nairas. The investment product for Hugevers Level 3 is Toothbrush. 

Hugevers Level 4

The investment product of Hugevers Level 4 is Lipstick. This level requires the Nigerian user to invest 35,000. The daily earnings that will be accrued after taking daily orders will be 10,017 nairas. 

Hugevers Level 5

The investment product in Hugevers Level 5 is Headband. This level in the Hugevers platform requires the investment of 100,000 nairas. It promises to give users 30,780 nairas on a daily basis after they have completed online tasks. 

Hugevers Level 6 

Hugevers Level 6 requires investment in the tone of 300,000 nairas. With a promise of earning 98,820 daily. The investment product here is Cufflinks. 

Hugevers Level 7 

The investment product here is Moneybox. The cost of a Nigerian user investing in this platform is 900,000 nairas. With a daily turnover of 315,900 nairas. 

Hugevers Minimum Withdrawal 

As cited from the minimum withdrawal from Hugevers is 4,000 naira. For now, since the platform was newly launched, there is no proof of payment online. The Hugevers platform is a risky investment any sensible Nigerian should not make. 

Is The Hugevers Platform Legit Or Scam?

This platform is a direct subsidiary of the Firevip platform. They are anonymous and cannot be trusted. Ponzi schemes in Nigeria are illegal and can land you in jail. This scheme’s only way of making money is with the registration fee that unsuspecting lazy Nigerians pay. 

Using Firevip as a case study, they used payment proof in the first few months of the launch of their platform to bait Nigerians into trusting their scheme. Over time, in their Telegram groups, they began to announce that they were having a legal battle with the Nigerian government and no longer supported automated disbursal of funds. There is no such thing as the Nigerian government coming out against the automated disbursal of funds in the Nigerian constitution. 

Also, in the Firevip group, they inferred that they had a legal team that was working to get things back on the ground. 

Here is what really happened: they paid users in the first three months, sang praises of how the platform can be trusted, and when gullible Nigerians poured in their huge investments, they made way with the money.

Another tricky platform that even has the same website design as Firevip is Hugevers, in fact, the launch of Hugevers was announced in the official Firevip telegram group. 

Dear Nigerians, Hugevers is a glorified Ponzi scheme just like Firevip. If the EFCC, or DSS catch the administrators of the site, they will be prosecuted under the auspices of Nigerian law. 

Do not take your personal savings to any platform that promises you money after you give them money. Another interesting point for backing up our claim that Hugevers is fake is that the owners of the platforms are not known. 

After taking funds from gullible Nigerians, they will make way with it via cryptocurrency, which is hard to trace. 


Firevip should be a hard lesson to Nigerians, that any platform that needs your money to pay you for performing online tasks is a scam. On this note, Hugevers is a scam platform that is hovering around Nigerian cyberspace looking for whom to devour. The return promised by Hugevers is mouthwatering and unrealistic. 

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