How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without Money In Nigeria

If you do not read this blog post, you will not learn how to start affiliate marketing without money. This guide focuses on how wanna-be digital marketers can kick off their affiliate marketing career with any capital. For this to be possible, you must understand that you need to have some skill set, vision, and affiliate marketing blueprint, which will make your capital-less affiliate marketing in Nigeria a success. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without Money In Nigeria
Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria Without Money

What Is Affiliate Marketing, And Is It Possible To Start It Without Money?

Affiliate marketing is a sales strategy that involves using whatever means that is available at your disposal to refer people to a business, brand or product.  Most businesses require capital for them to be succesful. This does not apply to affiliate marketing in Nigeria. It is darn easy to start affiliate marketing without money in Nigeria. 

You need a platform to sell your products, a marketing strategy, and passion. 

What Do You Need To Put In Place In Order To Start Affiliate Marketing Without Money In Nigeria?

To kick start a succesful capital-less affiliate marketing hustle you need to put a few things in place. Here are some interesting skills, and factors that should be put in place in order to make start affiliate marketing without money in Nigeria:

1. The Ability To Convince Potential Buyers Of The Set Product To Go Down Your Sales Funnel 

Whether it is online affiliate marketing, or offline (word of mouth) affiliate marketing, you need to have the capacity to make people believe in the product you want to sell them. This applies more to word-of-mouth affiliate marketing; where you will need to incentivize your potential buyers to go down your sales funnel and buy your product. If you are bad at verbally landing word-of-mouth sales, then you need to step up. This is because being able to convince people about your business is the first huddle you need to cross, given that you do not have any capital.

On the flip side, if you had some capital, having a porche blog with some fancy copy, written by an expensive freelance writer, might be enough to convince someone to buy your affiliate product. However, that is not the case as you want to indulge in affiliate marketing without money in Nigeria. 

2. Having A Social Media Channel With Large Or Moderate Followership

Another thing you need to put in place is to have your own social media channel with large or moderate followership. 

Because you are interested in starting affiliate marketing without any money, you need to learn how to grow your social media channel in an organic way without spending money. 

You will have to be well versed with the ins and outs of boosting your social media channel without spending a dime on an advertisement, or partnerships with influencers. 

A Facebook page that has at least 1k followers can be a good way to start. When you write an article about your digital affiliate marketing product, you paste the link on your Facebook page. Depending on the possible conversion rate, you will wind up with conversions that you will see you make money. A social media page with just 1k followers can be interpreted as a fair enough moderate social media channel. However, one with 10k followers and above is best described as one with a large following. 

3. Go For Affiliate Products That You Can Market Without Spending Money 

There are products that you can only sell if you buy them. For instance, the best way to indulge in affiliate marketing, where you will indulge in referring Nigerian customers is to buy a hosting package from them. Most health companies in Nigeria can only allow you to become an affiliate marketer if you purchase their product first. 

However, there are products in Nigeria that can be marketed without money. The bulk of the products that are on Jumia Nigeria can be used for affiliate marketing without any money. Go for brands and products that allow affiliate marketing without being a customer. 

4. Selling Your Affiliate Products To The Right Audience

In order to maximize your capital-less affiliate marketing hustle, you need to always connect with the right Nigerian audience. Avoid reaching out to the wrong age group, if not, you will wind up regretting not spending money on affiliate marketing. 

If you want to sell your products to “nursing mothers”, build a social media channel that reaches out to them and not “teenagers”. 

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