Practical Guide On How To Open Null File In 2022

If you have ever been in a situation where you tried to download a file, and it turned out to be a null file, then this article on “how to open null file” is meant for you. During this article, we will be covering what a null file is, what they do on your phone and computer, and how to open one. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

Understanding What A Null File Is

how to open a null file

Simply put, a null file is a file that is created when application data files on a PC are corrupted. It is a file extension that is used by third-party Windows apps to indicate that a data file is damaged.

This file format prevents your Windows PC from activating it due to the damaged content in the file.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about how null files work, and how to open a null file on Android, and Windows PCs.

Understanding That Null Files Are Sometimes A Result Of A Virus Attack

Another interesting way that a null file can get into your Windows laptop or phone is via a virus attack. This type of attack is known as the Null virus. When your phone comes under a null virus attack, it will encrypt the files on your Windows PC and add the. Null extension at the end of the names.

Some of the files that the null virus targets include the following; .doc & .docx files, .jpg & .jpeg files, .mp3 & .mp4 files, etc.

As a practical example, when your smartphone hits a null virus, an audio file that goes by audio.mp3 will turn into audio.mp3.null.

This will turn the audio file null, void and empty, making it unreadable by your phone or Windows PC.

Practical Guide On How To Open Null File On Your Windows

Here is a detailed guide on how to open a null file on your laptop:

  • Opening A Null File With A Notepad Or Any Other Text Editor On Your PC
  • Go to the folder where the null file is located.
  • Right-click on the null file, and select “Open With”.
  • Proceed to use “Notepad” to open it.

Notepad will open the null file, indicating whether it is malware or not. Kindly note that null files cannot be executed on the Windows PC.

Opening A Null File With A Software That Can Open It

Another interesting way to open a null file is by using a universal file opening software. The work of a universal file opener is that it can be used to open any file with any kind of extension.

Practical Guide On How To Open Null File On Android

In a bid to open a null file on your Android device, you need to, first of all, identify the format of the file. Some universal file openers that you can try out include the following: Pdf files reader, WPS, File sharing manager, and Magic master. When you are done downloading any of the file openers, you can proceed to locate the null file on your device. Here are the steps to follow to accomplish this:

  • Go to the “File Manager” and look for your downloaded null file.
  • Press down on the null file; if your Android device supports opening the file, it will automatically open it.

The last step to follow if the null file does not open is to go to Play Store. On the Google Play store, kindly perform a search with the query “NULL”.

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