How To Make Money With Your Opera News Hub Writing Hustle In 2022

Writing articles is a surefire way to make money online passively, especially in Nigeria. You can channel your writing hustle into blogging, Amazon KDP or even write for blogs or platforms that pay. This guide is focused on how to make money writing for Opera News Hub. We will cover all the intricacies that will allow you to become financially stable as an Opera News Hub writer. Without further ado, let us delve in.

how to make money writing for opera news

1. Learn Professional Writing 

Before you kick start your writing hustle with Opera News Hub and hope to make it big, you need to become a professional writer. This allows you to max out profit and write articles with the highest editorial standards. You cannot go to Opera News Hub with the intention of copying and pasting articles. You will not succeed. 

Learn how to write well-researched and original articles. You can still focus on writing new reports on Opera news Hub, which involves rewriting news articles. 

2. Sign Up And Register For The Opera News Hub

make money writing for opera news

After learning how to become a professional writer, the next big step is to sign up for the Opera News Hub platform. You can register with your Google account, Email, or Facebook. After signing up, you will be asked to drop two sample articles on the Hub. The editors will have to review it to determine that it has quality. After a few business days, maybe 2-3, they will get back to you via email on the success of your application. There is no application letter needed, just two sample articles. 

Also, you will need to key in your NIN, your Opay account number and your mobile phone number. 

Upon successful registration, you will get either 2 daily slots or 7 daily slots. These slots are for the number of articles you can submit in a day. 

If you have the habit of publishing bad-quality content, your account will be demoted, and you will wind up with fewer slots and low traffic. 

It is, however, important to note that the best way to make money with the Opera News Hub is to write original articles. 

3. Start Writing On Opera News Hub

Upon a successful Opera News Hub application, you can start dropping your articles on the hub. Mostly, when you submit it, it will take 5 minutes before it is approved. After the Opera News Hub editors approve it, it will be circulated to Opera New app readers. This is where the quality of your article title and content will attract users. 

Long-form content on Opera News will always earn you more money. The more time people take to read an article, the higher the chances of them clicking on ads. 

Best Practices For Writing Quality Content On Opera News Hub

As stated earlier, to make more money on Opera News, you need to follow the writing standards of Opera News Hub. We will elucidate on this in a bit. 

1. Do Not Repeat Headlines When Writing An Article For Opera News Hub

When you are writing content for Opera News, you might be writing your draft with Google Docs, Microsoft Word or Notepad. Always remember to remove the title and put only one title in the space provided for the title. If your H1 heading is repeated, it will be rejected as junk sentences. You do not want to wind up with multiple rejections, as this will reduce the quality of your account. If your account in Opera News Hub is demoted due to multiple rejections, you will not get enough clicks. 

2. Do Not Use Too Many Images In Your Article

If you are not writing a listicle on the Hub, do not include many images. This practice will lead you to end up with rejections. Ideally, your Opera News article should be between 3-5 images. The best resolution for your images according to Opera News guidelines is 600 x 400 pixels. 

3.  Don’t Withhold The Main Information For The Later Part Of The Article

You don’t have to write like a schemer. Your article will be rejected for junk sentences. Starting the content by beating around the bush will provoke the Opera News editors. 

Do not start your Opera News article with unrelated content and unnecessary content in the lead and withhold information to unduly sustain the reader’s attention. 

The bad common practice of most writers is to sustain their readers’ readability by not going straight to the point. Hereby, withholding the necessary information for the later part of the article. 

An article that contains Junk paragraphs (withholding vital information), as cited by Opera News Editors will lead to account demotion and rejections. 

4. Do Not Write Bad Paragraphs

In your Opera News Hustle, do not write excessively long paragraphs. It should not be more than 4-5 lines. If your paragraphs are not short and concise, it will make it cumbersome and hard for your Opera News readers to digest information. 

When you write consecutive paragraphs, without breaks in between, they will be rejected by the Editors as junk sentences. 

What Kind Of Content Can Help You Make More Money With Opera News?

The short answer is, that Original Articles are the surefire way to earn higher income on the Opera News Hub. 

Writing news roundups or copying other content from other blogs will give you minimal clicks and less revenue. However, the income from articles with an originality tag has a huge impact on the quality of a writer’s account and revenue. 

Practical Guide On How To Write Original Articles On Opera News Hub 

Since we have highlighted that the best way to make tangible income in Opera News is by writing original articles, let us talk about how to write one. 

What Is An Original Article According To Opera News Editorial Standards?

An original article is so called because the content was presented as your idea. Original articles are also seen as a well-researched piece of work- not plagiarized. As stated earlier, when you write original articles, you will get boosted distribution (which leads to increased clicks) and higher earnings. 

For every article you submit on Opera News, the editors will judge it and determine whether the original mark will stay or get stripped off the article.

4 Best Practices For Writing Original Articles

Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to write original articles:

1. Avoid the Excessive Use Of Quotes

When you copy more than two sentences in a row from the source that you are quoting from, it will be flagged as repeated content. Put the content out in your own words and make your Opera News readers understand that you have paraphrased the original sentence. This can be done with phrases such as “as gathered” or “in the summary of the statement”.

2. If You Are Writing A New Report, And Want To Make It Original, Expand It

Another good practice when writing for Opera News Hub is to expand your news report. It is not always good to merely report an issue. Make it natural by adding some creativity to it. Whenever you report the news without additional information, you will wind up with rejections. This is because there are similar publications on the Opera News Hub. Add your point of view to your content. 

3. Analyze The Cause And Collect Other Information 

When you want to write on breaking news, find out the exact thing that happened and review it. This way, you will be showing different versions that are different from what the audience knows. 

After analyzing the situation you wish to write about, collect other information. The Opera News writer can check the background to the news event, and also make a comparison to something similar that happened in the past. 

4. State An Opinion 

When the news has gone viral, the next thing readers look for is an opinion piece that is talking further on the subject. When you discuss the consequences of what happened in a news report, you will get more engagement from users. And the mantra of the Opera News Hub is that more clicks and user engagement means more money. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Write Original Opera News Hub Articles

To know how to make money writing for an opera news hub, you need to know what sells more. Original articles sell more to the audience than other types of content! 

Here are 3 practical reasons why you should write original articles on Opera News Hub:

It Gives The Writer More Engagement

Most Opera News app users want to see articles that are written from an angle that is different from what is already on the app. Instead of repeating the same news article that has been posted by different opera news writers follow up, or opinion pieces around a trending topic. 

The Issue Of Plagiarism 

A lot of writers on the hub have their articles rejected for “copyright infringement”. The reason for this is that they are reporting the same news that over 500 other writers made. The smart move to make here is to analyze the trending event, and bring insights from a fresh angle that people have not heard of. 

Get High Reputation

Now That the Hub has given writers a chance to express themselves, you should try and build a good reputation for yourselves. It is better to be known for delivering good articles that intrigue readers. 

After Making Money Writing For Opera News, How Do You Get Paid?

Knowing how to make money on opera news is one thing, knowing how to get paid is another. In your registration process use a valid Opay account number. Also, go to your Opay app and upgrade your Opay account to Tier 2. This is a KYC guideline that will allow you to get paid. Your earnings will be withheld if your Opay account is not upgraded. 

As an opera news hub writer, you can make 40k to 200k naira every month. Check out this article, to understand how to calculate your Opera news hub earnings. Writing for Opera News Hub is a legit online strategy for making money online in Nigeria

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