Hisense Washing Machine Buyer Guide 2022

Hisense washing machine in Nigeria

Hisense washing machine is a home appliance you can count on to deal with your load wash. The Hisense company has made different drum sizes available for Nigerian users. There is the 10kg drum, the 8kg, the 7.2kg, the 7k, and the 5kg. You can go for whichever Hisense washing machine suits your load washing needs. This article focuses on a practical washing machine review and buyer’s guide. In this guide, we will share the prices of different washing machines, their availability on Jumia, how to use them and lots more. Without further mouthing let us delve in.

Hisense Washing Machine Price In Nigeria 

The Hisense washing machine price in Nigeria depends on the washing machine type. The cost of a 10kg washing machine in Nigeria differs from that of 8kg and so on. 

Also worth noting is that in the pricing of Hisense washing machines, Automatic Hisense washing machines are more expensive than their counterparts. 

Here is a detailed price listing of Hisense washing machines In Nigeria:

Table showing Hisense washing machine prices in Nigeria based on types

Hisense Washing Machine TypePrice In Nigerian Naira
Hisense 11kg Twin Tub Manual Washing MachineHisense 5kg Washing Machine WSPA503₦ 157,499
₦ 60,480
Hisense 10Kg Wash +6Kg Dryer Smart Inverter Washing Machine₦ 355,000
Hisense 6kg Automatic Smart Washing Machine ₦ 185,000
Hisense Automatic Washing Machine WTCT802G 8KG Top Loader₦ 160,000
Hisense 8KG Automatic Front Load Washing Machine With Smart Control₦ 219,999
Hisense 7.5kg Twin Tub Washing Machine WM 753₦ 109,000

These Hisense washing machine prices in Nigeria were all sourced from Jumia Nigeria. 

Best Place To Buy Your Hisense Washing Machine In Nigeria (Hisense Washing Machine Jumia)

Most physical retail stores in Nigeria do not have a return policy or a guarantee that the Hisense washing machine is legit. Well, Jumia does. Coupled with the fact that they have pick-up locations littered across all 36 states in Nigeria, they rack up the best delivery logistics for an eCommerce brand. 

With Jumia Nigeria, you are a few clicks away from landing your best Hisense washing machine in Nigeria for the right price. Follow this link to Jumia’s page of Hisense washing machines, to see which is the best deal for you.

Should You Buy A Hisense Washing Machine?

Well, the answer to this question depends on your washing needs. Hisense washing machines, despite their load capacities, can adjust their wash time based on the load of your laundry. In your Nigerian home, they can fit just anywhere; whether it’s the hallway, the kitchen, or the bathroom. They can be used for a quiet spin, which is where most competing washing machine brands have a fault. Most customer reviews from us, have Nigerians complaining about the noise from their washing machines. Well, this is not the case with any type of Hisense washing machine in Nigeria. With Hisense washing machines, you are set for quiet spins, wherewith your laundry is distributed evenly inside the drums. 

Which Hisense Washing Machine Suits My Home Needs?

The Hisense washing machine types that you opt for on Jumia depend on your washing needs. For a head start, if a load of your laundry is up to 11kg, then you should opt for an 11kg Hisense washing machine.

Your choice of Hisense washing machines can also be influenced by the design features. Basically, Hisense washing machines in Nigeria come either with the front loader or the top loader. In the front loader Hisense washing machine, you can insert your laundry from the frontal opening. Whereas with the top loader, you insert your laundry into the drum from the top. 

Front Load Hisense Washing Machines And Top Load Hisense Washing Machines, Which Is Better?

Your choice of either a top load Hisense washing machine or a front load Hisense washing machine depends on your washing needs. If you don’t mind wasting a lot of water and detergent, then you can go for the top-load Hisense washing machine. Top load Hisense washing machines can allow you to load and unload your laundry with ease. This is because you don’t have to bend down to put in your laundry as is the case with front-load washing machines. If you want to buy a washing machine for your grandparents with back issues, kindly opt for a top loader. 

On the flip side, front loaders are pretty cool with their own design specifications. If you have persons who use a wheelchair, or have balance issues, maybe your pregnant wife! Kindly go for a front-load washing machine. A typical front-load Hisense washing machine requires some bending in order to load and unload laundry.

Editors Pick: Front load Hisense machines are generally better than top-load Hisense washing machines.

Practical Guide On How To Use A Hisense Washing Machine In Your Nigerian Home 

If you load your Hisense washing machine incorrectly with laundry or apply the wrong dose of detergent, you will not get the best result. This is why you need a practical guide on how to use a Hisense washing machine in your own home. 

How To Use An Automatic Hisense Washing Machine In Your Nigerian Home 

  1. Add your dirty laundry into the drum, whether it’s a top loader or a front loader. 
  2. Measure the right dose of detergent you want to use. It can be Omo, Waw, or Airel. 
  3. Add your detergent to the drum. Kindly note that front-load Hisense washing machines have a drawer where you can add your detergent.
  4. Using the control panel of the automatic Hisense washing machine select the right wash cycle. 
  5. Select the right temperature to wash your laundry.
  6. Remove the laundry as soon as the cycle in the automatic washing machine is complete. 

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