Daniel Bwala Biography, Age, And State Of Origin 

One of the current leading political analysts in Nigeria is Dr Daniel Bwala. In the course of this article, we will be looking at Daniel Bwala’s biography, age and state of origin. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

Who Is Daniel Bwala?

Daniel Bwala is a lawyer, political analyst and public affairs, analyst. He has been featured in some interviews with Channels Television where he attacked Tinubu’s presidential campaign, and also made some analysis round about the scope of the 2023 presidential election. Daniel Bwala is the 6th child of 8 children and the second son in his family. Bwala hails from Borno State, Nigeira

Interesting Facts About Daniel Bwala Law Career 

It is important to note that Daniel Bwala is an adjunct instructor, arbitrator, regulatory consultant and lawyer. Bwala is a member of the African Bar Association. He is one of the few Nigerians that have been authorized to practise law in England as a foreigner. His authorization to practice law in England came from the Honorable Society of Lincoln’s Inn in London.

Another shining gem in Daniel Bwala’s political career is that he has an LLM in International Business Law from the University of Coventry in the United Kingdom.

Why Is Daniel Bwala Now Popular?

Daniel Bwala

Daniel Bwala is now popular and has drawn netizens into researching the “Daniel Bwala biography” online. The reason for this is that he has been making intelligent political analyses against opposition political parties ahead of the 2023 general elections.

He has been a guest on some occasions with Channels Television, where he was interviewed by journalists about his take on some political views. He openly criticized Tinubu, the flagbearer of the APC.

Which State Is Daniel Bwala From?

Daniel Bwala hails from Borno State in Nigeria. This was gathered from a video interview with a Channels Television journalist. At the point of writing this Daniel Bwala biography, the part of Borno State that Daniel Bwala comes from is not yet known. 

Daniel Bwala Age

At the time of publishing this article about Daniel Bwala’s biography, there was no public record of his date of birth. Kindly bookmark this blog post, in a bid to stay up to date with information regarding the age of Daniel Bwala, should we make changes in the future.

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