Can Skineal Cure Pimples? Answer And User Guide

Skineal is a cream that has medicinal purposes and can be used to cure skin-related ailments. One buzzing question in the skincare dom is “can skineal cure pimples ?” It is a cream whose active ingredients allow it to cure pimples. Skineal is a cream that can also remove dark spots, ringworms, and eczema. In the course of this article, we will be looking at an in-depth user guide on Skineal cream in Nigeria. Without further ado, let us delve in.

Can Skineal Cure Pimples?

Can skineal cure pimples
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The short answer is yes, skineal cream can be used to remove pimples from the face and other parts of the body. 

When the sebaceous glands on the skin surface are inflamed, it can lead to inflammation which is characterized by red pimples. This inflammation occurs due to bacterial activity. The powerful chemicals contained inside skineal cream that make it good for fighting skin bacterial activity are; 10mg of Ketoconazole and Neomycin sulfate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions that are asked regularly in line with whether or not, the skineal cream can be used to cure pimples.

Can Skineal Cure Eczema?

In a bid to use the skineal cream to cure pimples, apply it to the affected areas twice daily, and watch out for positive results. 

Eczema is a defect that occurs in individuals whose immune system overreacts in an allergic way to irritants and allergens. This reaction can occur if you used a bar of soap or detergent, changed your body cream and so on. With the aid of the skineal cream, it can deal with the itching, redness and swelling that is caused by Eczema. On this note, yes, Skineal can be used to cure Eczema. 

Can Skineal Cure Ringworms?

Instead of using diluted chlorine bleach, which can have drastic side effects. It is best to make use of skineal cream. The skineal cream contains chemicals that are best suited for dealing with microbial infection. Ringworms are a pathological defect that is a result of the activity of sporing fungus in the scalp of the head. Skineal is one of the best creams to use to deal with it. 

To use Skineal effectively, you will need to shave the hair of the affected person clean, then apply skineal all over the scalp. This cream should be applied twice daily in a bid to get the required results.

Can I Use Skineal On A Swelling Neck?

Yes, the skineal cream has chemical components that can alter the chemistry that is responsible for the swelling of different body parts. If your neck region is swollen, you can apply skineal on it, maybe overnight, and then have it in good shape the following morning.

Is Skineal Good For Dark Spots?

Dark spots in the skin occur due to hyperpigmentation, which is the accumulation of melanin on some parts of the skin. If you are looking for a good cream to get rid of dark spots, then you are in the right place. Skineal has a bleaching effect on the skin, and in light of this, can be used to get rid of dark spots. 

Can I Mix Skineal And Ketoconazole Cream On My Skin?

No, you can’t. It is dangerous because of the chemical composition of both creams. First off, Skineal contains 10 mg of Ketoconazole. Adding it with another ketoconazole cream is like using up to 20 mg of ketoconazole on your skin. This is dangerous, and repeated use can cause skin cancer. 

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