Can Andrews Liver Salt Prevent Pregnancy? Short Answer And Other Details

can adrew liver salts be used to prevent pregnancy?

If you do not read this blog post, you will not learn the short answer to one of the most asked questions amongst sexually active Nigerians- “can andrew liver salt prevent pregnancy?”. In the course of this blog post, we will answer this burning question, and also share other interesting details about Andrew Liver Salt, and what it does to your body. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

Short Answer: Can Andrews Liver Salt Prevent Pregnancy YES OR NO

The short answer is no! Andrew Liver Salt does not have the capacity to prevent pregnancy. Pregnancy can be stopped by a substance that contains chemicals that work as contraceptives or spermicides. Andrew Liver Salt is an antacid and laxative that is used to relieve stomach upset. It has no biochemical composition that can allow it to get rid of pregnancy.

Can Drinking Lots Of Andrews Liver Salts Abort 2 Weeks Pregnancy?

taking lots of andrew liver salts to get rid of pregnancy

Truth is no matter how much Andrew Liver Salts you take, you can not abort a 2 week old pregnancy. Andrew Liver Salt has no direct effect on your womb. It is biochemically designed to affect the stomach. 

However, using a laxative such as Andrews Liver Salt can lead to nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, and diarrhea. It will cause you to lose a lot of body chemicals and minerals which are needed for the normal functionality of your system. Drinking lots of Andrew Liver Salt while pregnant cannot cause abortion. 

Can Andrews Liver Salt And Ampiclox Be Taken Together In Order To Get Rid Of Pregnancy?


The short answer is no. Ampiclox is a popular antibiotic that is sold by Nigerian pharmaceuticals. The intake of an antibiotic cannot induce abortion. Antibiotics are used to fight bacteria, the baby in the stomach of a woman is not bacteria, it is a life form.

In the same vein, using Andrew Liver Salt together with Ampiclox is blatant ignorance. The chemistry of both substances cannot affect the structural integrity of the womb, or the growing baby inside. 

However, excessive use of Ampiclox, a popular antibacterial, can lead to yeast infection. Excessive Ampiclox dosage can knock off the bacteria that protects the vagina, leading to the abundance of yeast. Thereby causing the characteristic fishy smell of the vagina. 

In a bid to abort a baby, ensure that the practice is legal in your country, and seek advice from a medical practitioner or your partner.

What Is The Major Use Of Andrews Liver Salt?

Andrews Liver Salt is a pharmaceutical product that is used to reduce the acidity of the stomach. The stomach contains acids that are used to digest food. It also contains a mucosal membrane that protects the other parts of the stomach from this digestive acid. In cases of ulcer, the stomach becomes too corrosive and breaks the walls of the stomach, leading to stomach injuries. This is where Andrew Liver Salt comes in- they alter the PH of the stomach acid to favor persons that take them. 

It is used to deal with acid reflux, burning sensations, stomach ulcers and not pregnancy.


The active ingredients found in Andrews Liver Salts include the following; Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate 22.6% w/w, Citric Acid 19.5%, Magnesium Sulphate Dihydrate 17.4%. And none of these chemicals function as a contraceptive or as a spermicide. Thus, Andrew Liver Salts cannot be used to deal with pregnancy.

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