Guide On How To Calculate Your Earnings On Opera News Hub

Most Opera news content creators might be wondering, how can I calculate my earnings on opera news? If that is why you are here, we’ve got you covered. There are opera news writers that put in a lot of work to create good content, but don’t know how to measure their earnings. 

Opera News Hub recently took down its monetization tab. This means that a writer cannot see in real-time how much they make from their articles. 

However, there is a way to know calculate your estimated earnings on the Opera News Hub. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

How An Opera News Writer Can Calculate Their Earnings In The Absence Of The Monetization Tab

Because of the absence of the monetization tab, revenue has other factors that control it. Some of the factors include; the total number of clicks gotten in a month, the valid number of clicks, engagements, originality, and average stay per click. 

 Making more money with the Opera New Hub means that you should create content that is more engaging. Articles that are original earn more money than those that are not. Longer articles that can increase the time spent by users on the Opera News app, can earn you more money. This is because Opera news gets to show ads that can be used to drive revenue. 

Making more money on opera news boils down to the content writer doing the following; 

  • Writing long-form content
  • Writing articles that are not plagiarized
  • Writing content that can drive user engagements (comments, likes and shares.)

The picture below depicts the new way opera new calculate their earnings with a simple case study.

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