What Is Responsible For The Increased Activities Of Bandits? How The Government Can Solve Insecurity

Bandits in Nigeria

The activities of bandits in has caused Nigeria to be riddled with insecurity. In the course of this opinion piece, we will be looking at how the Nigerian government can solve the issue of banditry in Nigeria, and also what is responsible for the increased activities of bandits. 

In my own opinion what is responsible for the increased activities of bandits in Nigeria is the availability of illegal weapons. I strongly believe that there is an active gun dealing market in Nigeria. The availability of illegal weapons via undercover gun markets is what gives people incentive to indulge in banditry. 

The Nigerian Government can solve the issue of increased banditry by investigating illegal gun trading activities. Is it the military or the Police that makes weapons available to bandits? Of course not! They buy their weapons from anonymous means. No illegal possession of firearms means reduced banditry. 

Security operatives in Nigeria can indulge in sting operations and fish out the criminal masterminds circulating illegal weapons in Nigeria. 

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