Amazon KDP For Smartphone Online Hustle Guide 2022

If you do not read this blog post, you will not learn about the intricacies of the online hustle that we dubbed “Amazon KDP for smartphone”. Believe it or not, Amazon KDP is a surefire way that a Nigerian can make money online. In the course of this article, we will be throwing more light to prove that.

What Is Amazon KDP For Smartphones?

In order to get the best out of Amazon KDP, you need to use a PC. However, in Nigeria, most people that want to make money with Amazon KDP do not have a laptop, so they are stuck with their smartphones. Amazon KDP for smartphones is a way to self-publish books with your smartphone, in order to make money from your book sales on Amazon KDP. 

Using A Smartphone Vs Using A PC For Amazon KDP, Which Is Better?

The best device to use in order to step up your book publishing hustle on Amazon KDP is to use your Laptop. Amazon KDP for smartphones should be your second option if you do not have a PC or a desktop computer.

It is best to use a PC to write for Amazon KDP, however, a smartphone can also be used.
Amazon KDP for smartphone
using a smartphone for your Amazon KDP hustle is viable.

With a PC, you can edit your writing work on a single tab, or interface, without having to move from application to application. This is not the case with using a smartphone for your Amazon KDP online hustle. 

Things You Need To Put In Place For Your Amazon KDP For Smartphones Online Hustle 

In order to succeed in your Amazon KDP for smartphone hustle, you need to put some things in place. There are apps that you will need to install in order to make your book writing process very easy. Here are the apps that you need to install for your Amazon KDP for smartphones hustle:

1. Google Docs App

Amazon KDP for smartphone

Google Docs is one of the best proofreading and writing apps that can be used on a smartphone in 2022. If you are using it to write articles or book chapters online, it can detect grammatical errors on the fly. In fact, any document written in Google Docs can be saved in PDF, Ms Word Document or Docx format. 

Given that in your Amazon KDP book uploading process, you will need to upload your manuscript in PDF format, using the Google Docs application is important. 

Also worth noting is that you can use Google Docs for voice typing your Amazon KDP book. However, this is only possible if you have an active internet connection in the process of writing your document with Google Docs. 

2. Canva Application Or A Graphic Design Application

Another interesting application that you can find on Google Play Store and Apple Store for your Amazon KDP hustle is Canva. The main use of the Canva application in your Amazon KDP writing hustle with smartphones is to design your book covers. You can either outsource the job of designing your book cover to graphic designers or do it yourself with the Canva application. They have a ton of templates for your book cover that you can choose from. 

Also worth noting is that other than Canva, there are other mobile applications that can be used to boost your Amazon KDP hustle for smartphones. 

3. Word Document To PDF Converter Application 

Your Amazon KDP book after writing will most likely be in word document format. If you did not use Google Docs to change to a word document, you can use a third-party app to achieve the same goal. All you need to do is to head to the Google Play Store or Apple App store and type in “ Word Document To PDF Converter”. This will bring out a list of apps that can be used to perform the conversion for you. 

How To Make Money With Amazon KDP Using Your Smartphone

Making money on Amazon KDP for smartphones can be divided into two broad categories: writing your book with your smartphone, and marketing your book.

Writing A Book For Amazon KDP With Your Smartphone 

When you are done writing your book and creating your book cover with Google Docs and a graphic design app respectively, it is time to upload it. 

Typing with your laptop is a more efficient way to write a book. However, you can still write a 45-page book, with the Google Docs voice typing functionality. 

  • Head to Then create an account. 
  • Head to your Bookshelf as illustrated in the user interface that you will see. 
  • Proceed to click on “Create”, then choose “Create Paperback” or “Create Hardcover”. 
  • In the next prompt, you will see options for details about your book to fill. Some of them include; the content of the book in PDF format, the categories of the book, book cover files, geographical areas for distribution, and your pricing. 
  • Click on “Publish Your Paperback Book” or “Publish Your Hardcover Book”.

Here you go, you are done using your smartphone to upload your Ebook on Amazon KDP. Let us hurry to the most important phase- marketing the book.

Amazon KDP For Smartphone Marketing Strategy For Nigerians

Amazon KDP for smartphone

In this next guide, we are going to learn how to market our just published eBook on Amazon Kindle. Stay tuned to this blog post!

This marketing strategy involves the use of psychology, especially if you are not an established author. The first thing that most book buyers on Amazon look out for is the price of the book, the author of the book, and its rating and reviews. 

Our Amazon KDP for smartphone marketing strategy involves using a single approach to make the book sale. 

Imagine slating your eBook for $8.99, when you are a mere Nigerian author who has never been heard of before. There are high chances that not a single soul will purchase your book.  

The marketing move to make here is to set the price of your book at $0.99. This shifts the attention of potential buyers from scrutinizing the profile of the author and focuses on how attractive and compelling the title of your Ebook is. 

By the way, $0.99 is disposable cents that can be used to experimentally check out your book. You have to play your own part by writing a nice book with engaging content. Remember that Amazon KDP allows you to alter the price of your book, meaning that $0.99 will not be the price of your eBook forever. 

What Is The Catch Here?

What you are after is the reviews and the boost that comes with the Amazon KDP new Ebook circulation. With $0.99, and a good enticing title, you can land at least 500 purchases, and some verified reviews. Also, you can get a 4-star to a 5-star rating if the users were satisfied with the content of your book. 

Getting enough purchases, verified reviews and a 4-star rating will boost the circulation of your Ebook to a larger audience in your category. This is where you do the marketing checkmate- you increase the price of your Ebook. You will change the price of your Ebook from $0.99 to a figure that is earn-worthy. 

There you go, with an enticing title, a next-to-nothing book price, and an algorithmic boost, your book will reach higher audiences. 

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