How To Use HostBeak For Free WordPress Hosting With Cpanel In 2022

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In the Nigerian web hosting industry, it is hard to find Webhosting brands that can put together two words; free and easy. One such free WordPress hosting with Cpanel and SSL in 2022 is HostBeak. In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we will be doing a thorough product review of HostBeak, what they bring to the table, and why you should opt for it.

What Is HostBeak All About?

HostBeak is a web hosting brand in Nigeria that helps potential bloggers and brands to get desired cheap hosting plans. Their offers are buyer worthy and can be used to take your site to the next level.

The managed WordPress hosting of HostBeak is one of their cheapest offers. Their managed WordPress hosting comes with the following packages; Prime, Grand, Mega, and Peak. With the cheapest option being the Prime package, you can host your website for 300 naira per month. 

The most popular excuse that wanna-be Nigerian bloggers dish out is that they cannot afford the expensive hosting plans of most web hosting companies in Nigeria. This, however, is where HostBeak, play different cards.

Is HostBeak Web Hosting Free?

The short answer is yes and no. HostBeak offers free web hosting for brands during their trial period. After which there is a paid offer for the HostBeak platform. 

How To Get Free Cpanel Hosting With SSL From HostBeak

In a bid to get free Cpanel hosting from HostBeak, with the SSL functionality included, you need to sign up for HostBeak’s free trial. It is important to note that the free Cpanel Hosting from HostBeak will not last forever. At some point, you will need to start making payments to them for giving you an online presence.

Here is a practical guide on how to get free Cpanel hosting from HostBeak:

  • Using your smartphone or computer, head to
  • Use your email id and other interpersonal information to sign up.
  • After signing up opt for a product package labelled “WordPress” hosting, and select the free trial option.

There you go! You will start enjoying free WordPress Cpanel hosting with SSL from HostBeak for a duration of one month. After this, you will be required to pay 5,000 nairas for your WordPress Cpanel hosting per year.

Understanding How Free Cpanel Hosting Activation With HostBeak Works

When you get your free trial Cpanel hosting from HostBeak, you will not experience any technical glitches. Your hosting package with HostBeak will be activated immediately after your order is confirmed. 

Then the SSL certificate will follow suit. It is important to note that the SSL certificate that is issued by HostBeak is free. Unlike most competing Cpanel hosting companies in Nigeria, you will have to pay for your website SSL certificate. 


Is HostBeak The Cheapest Hosting For WordPress In Nigeria?

Because of the unstable price of the dollar to naira, most hosting companies in Nigeria that were cheap turned expensive. A practical example is WhoGoHost. WhoGoHost remains one of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria, however, 90% of the digital products are twice its price. 

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